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Advertising......there is no better way to reach out into the vastness of cyberspace and bring in hordes of customers who require your products and/or services. Here is your chance to make your company shine!

Methods of Payment:
PAYPAL PREFERRED! Money Orders~Certified Funds.


  • Text Advertising -- Text ads offer incredible value and is a very effective tool to draw traffic and attention to your Web Site and Products!
  • Banner Advertising -- Banner advertising is another very effective way to bring home traffic to your Web Site and show your Products! The banner is located prominently at the Top of the Web Page, above the the text content. All banners must measure 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high.
  • Column Advertising -- These ads should measure 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. Placed in upper left hand column.
  • Button Advertising -- These ads should measure 88 pixels wide by 31 pixels high. Placed in upper left hand column.


All Below Prices Are Monthly

468x60 Banner $50.00 Bottom
$60.00 Middle
$75.00 Top
125x125 Banner $50.00 Sidebar
88x31 Banner $40.00 Sidebar
5 Line Text $35.00
2 Line Text $20.00
We want you to be happy with your decision. We will customize to fit your budget. To request an ad on our web site, E-mail Request Ad. We will get back to you ASAP!
Thank You


"When extraordinary power and extraordinary pay are allotted to any individual in Government, he becomes the center around which every kind of corruption generates and forms."    Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine referred to such power mongers as "parasites"!

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